How to Improve Ad Efficiency with Weather Triggered Advertising

Weather has a significant impact on consumer behavior, making it the second biggest influence, according to the British Retail Consortium.

06. 06. 2023

Marketers have recognized that weather-triggered advertising provides the most relevant and tailored messages to consumers. When users encounter ads that reflect the current weather conditions outside their window, they are more likely to respond positively. Understanding and utilizing weather data can strongly influence what people buy and how much they are willing to spend. Despite this, only a few companies fully take advantage of the effects of weather in their marketing and advertising strategies.

Key Benefits of Weather-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Personalizing ads according to the weather in each customer's location has been proven to significantly increase click-through rates (CTR) and conversions. Meteosource starts by analyzing your data to gain valuable insights, then develops tailored solutions to maximize benefits for your business. The platform can activate ad delivery, rotate creative content, and automate bidding decisions based on weather conditions and consumer mood. As a result, businesses can expect a substantial increase in clicks and sales.

Meteosource's Hyperlocal Data Ensures Relevant Ads:
Meteosource utilizes hyperlocal weather data, enabling marketers to deliver ads that precisely match the current weather conditions of individual users. This level of relevance significantly enhances the impact of the ad and increases the chances of engagement and conversions.

Accurate Data Updated in Real-Time:
Weather conditions can change rapidly, and real-time data is crucial for delivering up-to-date and relevant ads. Meteosource's weather-triggered advertising solutions ensure that the ads are always aligned with the latest weather information.

Efficient On/Off or Budget Change Triggering Functions:
Meteosource's platform allows for easy activation or deactivation of ad campaigns based on specific weather conditions. Additionally, budget adjustments can be automated, optimizing ad spend based on the forecasted weather patterns.

Advanced Parameters like Shopping Mood:
Beyond simple weather conditions, Meteosource incorporates advanced parameters like shopping mood, which considers consumer behavior and sentiment based on the weather and other parameters. This nuanced approach ensures even more effective ad targeting and personalized messaging.

Easy Integration:
Integrating Meteosource's weather-triggered advertising solutions into existing marketing strategies is seamless. The platform is designed for easy implementation, allowing businesses to quickly leverage the power of weather data in their campaigns.

Weather Ads Marketing Examples

Influence on Food Delivery Orders: During rainy days, the demand for food delivery orders increases by 49%. By tailoring ads to reflect rainy weather and promoting the convenience of food delivery, restaurants and delivery services can capture a larger audience and boost sales.

Impact on Streaming Companies: Weather explains around 20% of the variation in viewership for streaming services, as observed by Meteosource's data analysis. By considering mood indices along with weather conditions, these companies can further enhance engagement and viewership.

Effect on E-commerce Sales: A mere 1°C change in weather can influence the number of visitors to an average e-commerce website by 1.3%. By crafting ads that cater to seasonal trends and weather-related needs, e-commerce businesses can significantly improve customer engagement and conversions.

Leveraging Bad Weather: Interestingly, bad weather can increase CTR and online engagement by more than 10%. By capitalizing on people's desire for indoor activities during inclement weather, advertisers can drive more traffic and interactions.

The Power of Personalization: Around 80% of customers prefer to buy from companies that personalize their messages based on customer mood and needs. Weather-triggered advertising allows businesses to deliver precisely that, fostering a deeper connection with their target audience.

Weather Triggered Advertising

Why It Is Important to Understand Weather

While many weather-triggered advertising strategies rely on basic conditions such as temperature thresholds or cloudiness levels, understanding how weather influences mood and consumer behavior is paramount for creating effective campaigns. Meteosource possesses extensive experience in analyzing the effects of weather and weather-triggered ads. By partnering with Meteosource, businesses can experience a remarkable increase in their ad ROI, up to 10 times, and boost their CTR by over 25%.

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