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Weather is one of the primary causes of missed deadlines in the construction industry. Our hyperlocal weather data will help you increase site safety and efficiently manage your resources.

We can help construction companies through the provision of:

  • Local weather data to optimise construction planning
  • Severe weather warnings
  • Personalised weather event alerts
  • Weather measurements and archive for a construction site diary

How can we help construction companies

Weather event alerts

Weather event alerts

Severe weather can result in major cost increases and greater safety risks. Meteosource will help you stay one step ahead of the weather. Using our weather event alerts, we will monitor anticipated critical weather events and possible risks based on specified parameters. Important weather parameters for the exact site are tailored to match your requirements.
Construction planning and automated site diary

Construction planning and automated site diary

Access to our historical weather archive will support construction project planning for each specific site. During the construction, automate your construction site diary weather entries using hyperlocal weather data based on actual measurements.

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Why choose us?

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    Hyper local weather data

    The fastest delivery of current and forecasted data that always reflects the latest weather. Weather archive for any location in the world.

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    Easy integration

    Our weather data can be quickly and easily integrated into your systems using our API.

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    Tailored to customers

    Weather warnings provided by meteorologists or in cases where site-specific parameter thresholds are likely to be exceeded.

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