Historical Weather Data

Included in Time machine API

Available for Standard and Flexi plans

Our time machine endpoint returns the observed weather conditions for a date in the past.

  • Historical weather data for any location worldwide
  • Observed hourly data for the requested day
  • Data available for up to 20 years in the past depending on subscription
  • History bulks of more than 20 years of data available in our custom plan

See the list of all variables available in our time machine API

Variables available in our weather archive

Time machine API includes the following variables:

  • weather icon and description
  • temperature (including feels-like, soil, and surface temperature)
  • cloud cover (all layers)
  • wind (direction, speed, gusts)
  • precipitation (amount and type)
  • atmospheric pressure
  • humidity and dew point
  • evaporation
  • ozone
  • irradiance
  • and more in custom bulks...

For more information see Time Machine API documentation.

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