Air Quality Data API

Air quality API provides current and forecast air pollution data and air quality index for any location in the world. Air quality is affected by pollutants, which are either directly emitted to the atmosphere (primary air pollutants) like particulate matter (PM) and sulphur oxides, or formed in the atmosphere through chemical reactions (secondary pollutants) such as ozone or nitrogen dioxide.

  • Current and forecasted air quality data for any coordinate
  • Over 10 parameters including aerosols, dust, PM10, NO, CO, and Ozone
  • Air quality index based on multiple parameters

See the list of all variables available in our API

Available data

Air quality API includes the following variables:

  • Air quality index (AQI) - defines air quality on a scale from "very good" to "extremely poor"
  • Aerosol 550
  • Carbon monoxide CO
  • Dust 550nm
  • Nitrogen dioxide NO2
  • Nitric oxide NO
  • Ozone (surface)
  • Total Ozone layer
  • PM10
  • PM2.5
  • Sulfur dioxide SO2

For more information see Point Air Quality and Pollution in our API documentation.

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