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Road and Rail

Using our proprietary machine learning algorithms, we provide superior weather forecasts suitable for specific needs. The fastest delivery of real-time data will help planning and ensure increased efficiency and safety.

We can help you manage weather challenges in transportation and infrastructure through the provision of:

  • Reliable location-specific weather forecasts and critical weather warnings
  • Specific forecasts such as OHLE, running rail, adhesion, road surface temperature, and risk of blocked roads
  • Route based forecasts
  • Map layers to easily visualise the weather

Meteorological services for transport - road and rail

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    Critical weather for roads and rails

    Reliable and localised forecasts of critical weather facilitate efficient route planning. This will help you avoid delays or cancellations on transport routes and ultimately result in lower costs. Our outputs can be tailored to specific needs and easily integrated in an existing application.

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    Route based weather forecast with specific parameters

    We are able to provide a reliable decision support system using weather stations worldwide. Our forecasts are enhanced by specific parameters such as surface temperature and surface water flood forecasts or adhesion, OHLE, and running rail forecasts. Our outputs are managed by our team of experienced meteorologists.

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