Customised solutions

Insurance and Risk

Utilise our advanced nowcasting methods and historic reanalysis data.

We can help you and your customers through:

  • Real-time advance warning of severe weather events to reduce damage claims
  • Historic reanalysis data for claims management and fraud detection
  • Data for effective risk management – recognise and assess weather risks

How can we help insurance companies?

Hyperlocal severe weather warnings

Hyperlocal severe weather warnings

Our advanced AI and professional meteorologists will help you provide your customers with information about expected or developing severe weather. This will strengthen your customer loyalty and reduce damage claims. All messages can be sent using your company brand.
Historical weather for claims and fraud detection

Historical weather for claims and fraud detection

Access to our local historical weather will help you evaluate insurance claims effectively and reduce the amount of claims you need to handle manually. This will help you save costs and reduce unjustified claims payments. Moreover, this will accelerate the entire evaluation process which will increase customer satisfaction.

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Why choose us?

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    Hyper local real time data

    The fastest delivery of current and forecasted data reflecting the latest weather observations

  • Flexibility and business orientation

    You will especially appreciate the flexibility of API solutions tailored to your needs. We can provide specialised products just for you and your clients.

  • Reliable global solution

    With our reliable cloud infrastructure and global weather expertise we have all your needs covered.

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