Current Weather Data

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Current weather API provides data for any location. We process and combine several different kinds of measurements: we use data from all available weather stations along with data from satellites and radars.

  • Real-time weather data for any coordinate
  • Latest measurements for millions of global locations
  • Over 20 parameters including feels-like temperature, precipitation, clouds and radiation, wind.

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Example of current weather API usage

London, England, United Kingdom
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Weather Temperature Feels-like Wind UV index
17:10 (Now) 15 °C 11 °C 13.6 mph 0.9
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Available data

Current weather API includes the following variables:

  • weather icon and summary
  • temperature (measured, feels-like) in °C or °F
  • total cloud cover
  • precipitation (type and rate) in mm or inches
  • wind (direction, speed, gusts) in m/s or mph or km/h
  • atmospheric pressure
  • humidity and dew point
  • irradiation
  • visibility in m or mi
  • UV index
  • ozone

For more information see Point Weather API documentation.

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