How often are data updated?

Weather can change extremely quickly, and although we work hard to provide the most accurate forecasts possible, such changes may occur more quickly than any model can anticipate.

Meteosource gathers all weather observations (measurements, radars, etc.) in real-time and updates the forecasts as needed. For most locations, our data are updated every 10 minutes.

Current weather is based on observations from nearby stations and is updated as soon as data are available, usually at least once every hour. For some places, current data are updated at 10-minute intervals.

Minutecast is based on radar images where available. These data are updated every 10 minutes; as soon as a new set of data becomes available, we update our API feeds.

Nowcasting model updates our forecasts for the next few hours. The model is based on actual weather observations from all resources available at the time. If there is a difference from the forecasted weather (mainly when there are hard-to-forecast local storms) we update our hourly forecasts based on the latest changes. The hourly forecast is updated as necessary and based on observation availability - usually every hour.

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