Customised solutions

Energy modelling

Using our proprietary machine learning algorithms, we provide data adjusted to your needs – for individual power plant locations and grid areas alike.

We can help your business increase operational efficiency, save costs, and minimise risks through:

  • Hyperlocal renewables and site-specific power plant production modelling
  • Accurate grid forecasting
  • Demand forecasts for power, gas and heat suppliers
  • Risk and uncertainty forecasting based on numerous models and ensemble model runs
  • Weather and climate analysis for assessment of new assets
  • Real time data and global forecasts for up to 30 days ahead

Energy forecasting we can help you with

Solar power forecasts and radiation

Solar power forecasts and radiation

To calculate solar power forecasts, our model combines several weather models and forecasting methods to generate the most accurate projections. As well as making use of multiple weather inputs such as radiance, aerosols, temperature and water vapour, we are able to capture specific impacts such as shading and degradation when using your past production data.
Wind power forecasts

Wind power forecasts

Wind generation forecast for onshore and offshore assets. Our nowcasting model is based on real-time observations including marine measurements to capture the latest changes in the weather. AI is used to adjust our predictions according to wind farm location and turbine specifics.
Demand forecasts and smart grids

Demand forecasts and smart grids

We predict the aggregated power demand and supply for grid network companies. To meet the high demands of the energy industry, we combine our AI models with industry know-how. We can provide decisional insights for Grid Operators, Power Traders, and Energy Providers.

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Why choose us?

  • Flexibility and client orientation

    Our energy clients especially appreciate the flexibility and solutions of models tailored to their needs. No matter how special your requests or power assets, our forecasts will provide the most accurate information possible.

  • Quality

    Our high-quality weather data and AI machine learning models specially tailored for the energy industry will help you maximise the returns for your company.

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  • Fast delivery of hyperlocal real time data

    The fastest delivery of current and model data will give you an edge in trading.

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