How to migrate from Dark Sky API

Because Dark Sky weather API will shut down entirely during 2023, it is important to look for alternatives. The Meteosource weather API is one of the easiest ways to replace Dark Sky. It is a comprehensive weather service that exceeds the bar set by Dark Sky - our advanced machine learning models and more than 10 years of experience will never let you down.

07. 06. 2021

Comparison of features

feature Dark Sky API Meteosource API
Current weather conditions
Minute-by-minute forecasts
Hourly forecast data 7 days 7 days
Daily forecast summaries 7 days 30 days
Advanced AI models
Advanced text summaries
Severe weather alerts

You can get all the features listed in one API call; moreover, the API response is very similar to the one from Dark Sky. Meteosource offers comprehensive hyper-local weather data for any place in the world.

Easy migration from Dark Sky in 4 simple steps

1) Check our subscription plans and choose either a Free plan or one of our generously priced plans.
2) Sign up for free
3) Receive an API key and refer to our simple instructions or interactive documentation
4) Call all weather data in one simple request

In addition to location data (GPS or place id), you can set various parameters (language, time zone, and units) to obtain the API response you need. We update our data in real-time, based on the latest measurements. You can read more about how our forecasts are made to achieve the best accuracy possible.

How to migrate from Dark Sky API

Parameters Dark Sky vs Meteosource

Dark Sky API Meteosource API Description
time date The timestamp at which this data point begins
summary summary A human-readable text summary
icon icon A machine-readable text summary
precipProbability probability/precipitation The probability of precipitation
precipType precipitation/type The type of precipitation occurring at the given time
temperature temperature Temperature 2 meters above the surface
apparentTemperature feels_like The apparent (or "feels like") temperature
dewPoint dew_point Dew Point in degrees
humidity humidity Humidity in percentage
pressure pressure The sea-level air pressure in hectopascals
windSpeed wind/speed Average wind speed for a given hour
windGust wind/gusts Maximum wind gust expected
cloudCover cloud_cover Cloud cover in percentage
uvIndex uv_index The UV index
visibility visibility The average visibility
ozone ozone The columnar density of total atmospheric ozone in Dobson units
and more variables

Interested in learning more about our professional weather data? Contact us for more information or customised solutions.

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