Yahoo Weather API Alternatives

Since Yahoo API has turned off their weather API, their users are looking for a good replacement option. Many developers used the free weather API from Yahoo to build their web pages, apps, and more.

08. 09. 2022

Meteosource Weather API is a great Yahoo weather API replacement to cover all your weather needs. Offering hundreds of free calls per day and access to comprehensive weather data will help your product to shine. Just like the Yahoo Weather API, you can easily get the weather data for any location worldwide. In addition to that, you can request past observations, map layers and so much more. Meteosource is the first professional weather service offering low-cost API to non-corporate as well as corporate clients. You can benefit from hyper-local accurate weather data at an affordable price.

Why is Meteosource the best for Yahoo Weather API replacement?

Most weather services around the world prepare their forecasts based on a single global model, but each weather model has its own accuracy limitations. Meteosource's weather forecasts are created based on multiple models, artificial intelligence, and statistical evaluation of all available data. Unlike other APIs, Meteosource’s numerical data and map layers offer real hyper-local, minute-by-minute weather data that will give you an advantage. When you see how much more data you can access, you will realise that you can build something even more ambitious than your original intention.

Weather is constantly changing and even the best models sometimes might need to be adjusted quickly. Using all the available measurements, we update our forecasts in real-time. So you get the most up-to-date weather forecast available.

Probably one of the main features that people consider when they look for a Yahoo Weather API replacement is cost. Yahoo represents a source of free, or extremely low cost services. Our weather API follows this model as closely as possible. You can get your basic data for free if you need only hundreds of API calls per day. Or you can use one of our modestly priced subscriptions to get advanced features like extended weather variables or map layers.

How to migrate from Dark Sky API

Easy migration from Yahoo Weather API

If you are ready to give our Yahoo Weather API replacement a try right away, it is quick and easy to get weather data from Meteosource up and running on your website or project:

1) Sign up for an account and get your personal API key.
2) When logged in, you will find your personal API key in your Dashboard.
3) Generate your first request - the easiest way is to use the interactive documentation on the client section. You will find several endpoints there and you can try them all just by filling the form with parameters. It will return a full API response.
4) Integrate into your app - parse the data based on the JSON format. You will quickly find out there is not a big difference in the usage and parameters.

While there are more free weather APIs available, there are a variety of features that some have, and others do not. Besides the best accuracy, Meteosource will provide more data compared to original Yahoo weather API. You will receive minute forecast, weather alerts, astronomical data, climate normals, weather maps, or maritime weather data just to name a few.

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